How to order

Every project at Todd Knights is bespoke, so you can order everything individually. 


Step one - Decide which size pole would be suitable for your interior

Generally the 50mm pole is the most popular choice, and then 60mm is for larger scale decorating, ideally suited for rooms with higher ceilings.

You can also have double poles, so you can hang a sheer on the rear pole, and a working curtain on the front pole. The 35mm is normally used as the rear pole, and then you can have a 50mm or 60mm in the front. But you can if you wish, have a 50mm as the rear and front, or the same with a 60mm pole.

Poles over 2.3 meters need a centre bracket, and we can offer poles in one piece of up to 4m, though there are restriction at times with sending with a courier, depending on your location. Otherwise we will send the pole out in two pieces, the centre bracket will cover the join.

When deciding on brackets, we recommend either the Classic metal Brackets, or the BTK05 Scallop Bracket. The metal brackets are brass, but can be plated in any finishes. The Scallop brackets are finished the same as the pole, or to your choosing.

Step 2 - Choosing your finials

One you have made a decision on what pole size is best suited for, choose the finials that fit that diameter of pole. Finials are sold individually

Step 3 - Finishes

At Todd Knights, all our work is bespoke, which means you can have your poles and finials tailored to your requirements. We offer standard finishes, such as painted and gilded finishes, or we can custom finish at no extra cost.

So you can specify a paint colour to pick out a colour in your fabric or walls, or we can do combinations of colours or colours & gilding. When specifying a paint colour, all we require is the paint brand name, such as Farrow & Ball, Little & Green etc, and the paint name. 

You can specify finishing in the ordering notes, or we can simply do this on the telephone, or by email.


Delivery times

We make up each order, which normally takes 3-4 weeks, though this can take a bit longer for larger scale projects. 

International delivery

We ship worldwide, please do get in touch so that we can quote.