Bay Window Poles

Todd Knights make bespoke bay-window poles for square, angled and curved bays. Any number of bends can be specified, and measuring is straightforward, we will be pleased to send an easy to use tool for accurately measuring the bay bends. 

For curved bays we will require a paper template, measured down from the ceiling where possible. We always specify the use of metal adjustable brackets with bay windows, to ensure a perfect fit. 

Each bay window is bespoke, therefor we provide a quote based on your dimensions. But to get an idea of costs, a two bend bay (1.2m return, 1m, 1.2m return) with 5 brackets, rings, 50mm pole and finials start at £2298.

The pole size diameters for bay windows are 50mm, 60mm & 76mm only. For a callout fee, Todd Knights will measure on site, if you are unable to do so.